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Want to have passive income, but confused about investing it? Read the following review, why should you choose investment in P2P Lending as a source of passive income.

Having passive income is fun. Besides adding income, also to free your financial. Especially in modern times, life requires a lot of money. Not only for basic needs, but also for lilfestyle needs such as holidays, hobbies, and so on. To be able to fulfill all of that, you must prepare for future finance as early as possible. One of them is by investing or getting passive income.

There are many ways to invest, ranging from stocks, gold, mutual funds, property and so on. Adjust investment with your risk profile. Well, if you are not a person who likes to take big risks, do not have much time or resources to pay attention to fluctuating capital markets, but the benefits obtained have the potential to increase your coffers, then investing in the peer to peer lending can be an option right. Why? Here’s the reason.

Easy scheme

Easy scheme

Peer to peer lending is a loan investment scheme that connects funds owners with loan seekers on a digital platform. For investors, this type of investment is very easy for those of you who want to get passive income without wasting a lot of time. Simply channel the selected funds to borrowers that are already available on the platform. The benefit you will get from the rewards paid by the borrower. The amount has also been listed in the campaign, as well as the risk rating.

P2P Lending is an investment scheme that is currently on the rise in Indonesia. The potential rewards are also quite large, namely getting rewards of 20-30% per year. P2P Lending can manage your investment portfolio online so risk management can be more controlled.

More flexible


Through P2P Lending, your investment will be more flexible because you can channel funds owned by borrowers with different levels of risk. Borrowers who apply for cash loans must go through a credit scoring process carried out by the P2P Lending platform. The platform will classify borrowers to the level of risk that must be known by potential investors.

After this classification is displayed on the platform, then you as an investor are free to choose to fund the type of loan that exists. You can also divide your investment funds into several loan classifications at one time for different investment portfolios.

Secure transaction


Security guarantees in transacting on the P2P Lending platform are very important. Investors have the right to know the type of risk that will be taken before placing the money on the platform. There are two main risks in investing in P2P Lending, namely the risk of default and also the risk of fraud.

To prevent this risk, the P2P Lending platform will verify and select loan proposals that come to ensure that the identity used by the borrower is genuine, and has the ability to pay the principal loan plus fees. In addition, the P2P Lending platform must also be registered with the OJK so that all transactions on the platform can be monitored.


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