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With the low-interest rate, file-free option, and many other features, the number of customers using Good Finance’s instant loan product is increasing day by day. If you are a Good Finance customer, you may receive; If you are not, we will try to pass on the features of this loan, which you can receive as a Good Finance customer, and how to obtain it in detail today.

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Good Finance Instant Loan Features

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Features of this loan, which is offered exclusively to Good Finance customers; can be listed as follows.

  • Good Finance offers you instant credit with a maximum limit of TL 25 thousand.
  • Instant credit product 7 days 24 hours via the internet branch or Good Finance application, you can use the loan without going to the branch.
  • With an automatic algorithm, Good Finance can deposit funds directly into your demand deposit account after you have approved your loan. This allows you to start using your credit without even having to contact customer service.
  • Instant credit is a very advantageous loan product with installment options for up to 48 months. Even the smallest amount of credit can be used with a high number of maturities with a low-interest rate.

Bank Instant Loan Interest Rates and Calculation

Bank Instant Loan Interest Rates and Calculation

The highest limit for Good Finance is TL 25,000. Interest rates vary between 1.27 % and 1.33 %. 1,33% interest rate loans do not receive an annual insurance premium; Annual insurance premiums are received on Good Finance instant loan products with an interest rate of 1.27. In addition, the following expense items will be reflected to you on the loan.

  • Allocation fee
  • Annual insurance premium

By indexing the interest rate to the total amount you want, you can add credit allocation fees and annual insurance premiums, and find your total Good Finance instant loan debt.

Documents and Conditions for Good Finance Instant Loan Application


To obtain an instant loan product from Good Finance, you must first become a Good Finance customer. Individuals who are not Good Finance customers cannot apply for this loan in any form because instant loan applications are made through user panels.

There is no requirement for an immediate loan, except that you are a Good Finance customer. Considering that your identity information is already in Good Finance, we can understand that the bank has access to all the information it needs.

Performing inquiries with an automatic algorithm, Good Finance decides whether or not to give you credit in terms of both your credit rating and your account transactions at Good Finance.

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