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Buying a House on Credit: The Experiences of a Starter

  Dutch retailers are somewhat apprehensive about new developments in the payment market. They are particularly worried that the payment traffic costs will rise from 2018 onwards, because then service providers – for the retailer – will introduce more expensive new payment options. These new payment options are considerably more expensive than pins at the cash register. We draw that…

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Passive income – Lending as Passive Income

    Want to have passive income, but confused about investing it? Read the following review, why should you choose investment in P2P Lending as a source of passive income. Having passive income is fun. Besides adding income, also to free your financial. Especially in modern times, life requires a lot of money. Not only for basic needs, but also…

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Reasons for Fintech Interest Higher than Banks

  Fintech does provide easy access to loans. But behind that, there is a high interest that must be paid by the borrower. What is the reason for fintech interest higher than the bank? The presence of financial companies such as Fintech is a solution for people who need additional funds quickly, as well as a frightening specter because the…

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